Simpexco is serving Bahri Chemicals and National Chemical Carriers Ltd. in Pakistan


Simpexco is serving Bahri Chemicals and National Chemical Carriers Ltd. in Pakistan


Simpexco is serving Bahri Chemicals and National Chemical Carriers Ltd. in Pakistan


Simpexco is serving Bahri Chemicals and National Chemical Carriers Ltd.i n Pakistan

It is the largest owner and operator of chemical carriers in the Middle East, serving 150 ports. The fleet is designed to the highest specifications and capable of carrying a wide range of chemical cargoes. With a fleet capacity of 1.3 million DWT plus 22 vessels operating on time charter agreements, Bahri Chemicals is also the fifth largest global chemical carrier in terms of tonnage.



  • Port Agency

    Simpexco holds the distinction as being the most experienced and actively involved port agency in Pakistan, catering to all operational ports, and handling all kinds of vessels from utility crafts to oil rigs, cargo tanker ships to gas carriers, with a long list of it's satisfied and internationally renowned ship operators, owners & charterers who consider Simpexco as their indispensable partner in the region. With the attendance of ALPINE as port agents, our clients feel relieved and secured that handling of their ship passes to a trusted partner that, besides ensuring quickest port turn-around of vessel, stands tall in local expertise to resolve even complex issues and situations specific to shipping trade, always protecting Clients’ interest, thus maintaining their long held trust.

  • Crew Handling

    Simplexco maintains a dedicated crew handling section to assist owners and managers of vessel with smooth crew change facility in & off-port consistent with the port schedule (berthing and sailing) of vessel. Our crew handling team works 24/7 providing full support to our Clients by timely furnishing of OKTB guarantees for joiners, extending Meet & Greet on arrival , smooth transfer to vessel, similarly conducting safe transfers of outgoing crew from vessel to the airport ensuring timely repatriation without involving any hotel stay.

    Yet we are fully geared-up with full range of back-up facilities at hand to undertake arrangement for hotel accommodation (both budget and executive range), safe transport service & Air Ticketing from reputable airlines, as per requirement of our Customers.

  • Claims Management & Mediation

    Disputes and claims in shipping industry is considered as inherent vice of shipping business. Our in house legal department comprises of consultant, practicing lawyers and para legal staff. Our team handles hundreds of Claims and coordinate their disposal, mediation, resolution in most efficient manner. Those include cargo claims, matters specific to ship operation, e.g crew illness, accidental injury, hospitalization and third party-port property damage claims against the ship during a particular port call etc.

  • Survey & Superintendence

    To meet the growing requirement of our Customers we offer a dedicated ship survey & vessel superintendence division managed and supported by a team of highly dedicated professionals with many years of experience in the field and fully geared to meet any scope and situation.

    Those include but not limited to On & Off-Hire Bunker, Ship Condition surveys, attending to SIRE Inspection, Cargo Superintendence and expeditors, Ship repairs & damage surveys etc.

  • Ship Stores & Bunker Supplies

    rrangement and coordination for supply of ship stores and provision to ships at our ports through quality compliant and approved suppliers, who maintain inventory of dry & fresh provisions, also deliver tank-hold cleaning material and engine-deck stores etc at very competitive prices. The requirement of bunker supplies (fuel ,diesel, lube oils) is also sourced competitively, subject to prior notice, while it can also be coordinated for supply through local suppliers who represent the international bunker traders.

  • Waste Disposal

    In order to facilitate Ship Masters and Owners at the Pakistani ports, Simplexco through their port approved contractors, undertakes waste management and disposal of oily sludge, bilge water, slops and garbage from ships, fully complying with the Marpol 73,78 guidelines. We also provide shore gang for hold and hatch cleaning, arrange removal of remnants of fumigation material, outdated & off-spec stores, empty drums, expired medicines etc.

  • Project Management

    Identifying and plotting the risks of complex projects, requires experience and expertise. Thorough organization and tenacity enable us to deliver customized solutions for any project across Pakistan. In consultation with our clients, we provide integrated solutions that fit each individual project.

  • Medevac

    Medical Emergencies to crew onboard while in port or at customary anchorages are promptly attended-to through well-equipped ambulance service at major Hospitals served by specialist physicians,surgeons and laboratory facilities as per the requirement. Our agency is also capable to handle MediEvac service for vessels stationed or anchored off-shore and deliver response in shortest time for conducting any casualty to hospital.

  • Cargo Handling & Logistics

    Each business has its unique requirement of handling logistic matters. We always strive to offer an efficient and cost effective solution to logistic matters offering "turnkey" operation and full supervision from site to site including road transport, documentation, coordination and supervising the loading, stowing, lashing and securing and unloading of the cargo to ensure that the equipment is received by the buyers in the same manner as it was dispatched from the origin.


Karachi port

24° 49’ N 066° 59’ E

The Karachi is the oldest and busiest natural port of Pakistan, it lies on a strategic point along the 600 miles long coastline stretching from borders with Iran on the west, and India on the east.

Being ideally located has well-developed connections with Afghanistan, Central Asia , Western China so well deserves the sobriquet ’Gateways to the region’. Karachi port has consistently maximized this potential with enlightened policies. Managed & operated by the Karachi Port Trust (KPT), handles nearly 60% of the Pakistani trade, the main harbor served by East & West wharves, with 2 dedicated container terminals, namely PICT & KICT, and just outside the main harbor a newly built independent deeper draft container terminal, the SAPT handling CVs, all of these 3 terminals are well equipped with most modern fixed gantries & mobile RTGs and other necessary container handling gear, equipment. Beside the 3 main container terminals the Keamari Oil terminal of Karachi port is served by 3 dedicated Oil Piers (OP-1, 2 and 3) for handling all kinds of Oil & chemical tankers at berths OP-1 & OP-2, while OP-3 is currently non-operational for extensive repairs.

Facilitation of Trade at the Karachi Port Broadly Categorized as Follows

  • Ship handling
  • Discharging and Loading of project boxed bulk cargos
  • Bunkering and supplies
  • Ship reparing & maintaince
  • Surverys & Inspection


24° 46’ N 067° 21’E

Port Qasim is the 2nd major & industrial port of Pakistan, the Port is located in the Indus delta region at a distance of 28 nautical miles to south-east of Karachi. Port Muhammad Bin Qasim is the most eco-friendly port and is geographically situated on the trade route of Arabian Gulf. The port presently caters for more than 40% of seaborne trade requirements of the country, with the distinction of as the only Pakistani port handling LPG & LNG cargoes, it’s served by 4 dry cargo berths called the marginal wharves, MW 1, 2, 3 & 4 for handling of dry bulk, bulk coal, steel & general cargoes, besides these four dry berths there are many other dedicated terminals for the handling of liquid, dry bulk, bulk coal, clicker, LPG & LNG cargoes. However, night time navigation is restricted at Port Qasim, and only allowed at some terminals subject to conditions and approval.

Port Muhammad Bin Qasim handles annually national imports and exports of some 46 million tons dry general, break bulk plus Liquid & Dry Bulk commodities, with total ship calls of 1,556 in the year 2017 -18

Facilitation of Trade at the Muhammad Bin Qasim Port Broadly Categorized as Follows

  • Ship handling
  • Discharging and Loading of project boxed bulk cargoes
  • Container Handling
  • Storage of cargo
  • Clearance of cargo
  • Security and Safety
  • Surveys & Inspection


25° 08’ N 062° 19’ E

Gwadar is a newly developed deep water port located at the western most extremity of Pakistani coast on the Arabian sea, just 120 KM east from Iranian border, holding immense potential for expansion and development due it’s geostrategically suitable seaport location in terms of connectivity to the land locked central Asian states (CAS), besides providing direct link to the traditional China Silk Road.

The port is governed by the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), while operationally managed and controlled by the China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC), though currently operational with 3 berths of total quay length of 600 meters, and the available port infrastructure and facilities suitable for handling containerized, project, general, break-bulk, bagged cargoes & also facility for Ro-Ro handling.

The port is approached through a buoyed channel about 4.70 KM long with a dredged depths of 14.40 M at outer channel and 13.80 M in the inner channel & turning basin, the width of outer channel is 206 M, and that of inner channel 155 M, the turning basin has a diameter of 595 M, and depth alongside berths at 14.50 M, with max draft of 12.50 M. Gwadar port will be undergoing an extensive development and expansion programs with multiple projects for the construction of multi-purpose berths & liquid and gas cargo holding terminals with supporting operational infrastructure.

Facilitation of Trade at Gwadar Port Categorized as Follows:

  • Ship handling
  • Discharging and Loading of project boxed bulk cargoes
  • Container Handling
  • Storage of cargo
  • Clearance of cargo
  • Security and Safety
  • Surveys & Inspection


The Gadani ship breaking yard situated some 50.00 KM to the north west of Karachi port, is one of the biggest ship breaking facilities in Asia with 132 ship breaking plots stretching over 10 .00 KMs of coast line in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan, about 90-100 minutes’ drive from Karachi port. Subject to the prevailing weather conditions, and following the agreement terms between Buyer & Seller, arriving ships for scrap-out, report in the outer of port limits some 22-30 NM off from the Karachi port for crew change, vessel hand over to the Buyer’s team, who conduct the safety inspection before finally conducting the ship for beaching to the designated plots at Gadani beach.

Facilitation of Trade at Gwadar Port Categorized as Follows:

  • Ship braking yard as world’s third in terms of volume
  • Capacity of breaking 125 ships annually
  • Scraping ships at Gadani uses large amounts of local and cheap labor with minimal mechanical assistance

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Bahri is one of the world’s foremost transportation and logistics companies. Established as the national shipping carrier of Saudi Arabia, Bahri has played a leading role in the transformation and growth of the global shipping industry through an unrelenting focus on innovation and a commitment to delivering technology-driven, value-added onshore and offshore services.

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NCC is among the major chemical carriers in the world serving more than 150 ports worldwide. It owns 24 vessels that are in operation of approximately 1.1m tonnes deadweight.